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I N S P I R A T I O N - The Daydream Collection


Mrs. Wittevrongel is standing in front of the classroom…. boring…. It is 2.10 pm…  the afternoon break is still a long way off. Her voice disappears into the background... My thoughts wander….

Outside my eye catches a flower that just gets a visit from a colorful butterfly….. and my thoughts sink even deeper. I’m in love! He loves me – he loves me not – he loves me… Like two cherries on a stalk hanging together and looking at each other. Saturday I’m going to watch his baseball game. He’s so sporty. When he grows up he says he’s going to be a pilot … Oh god he’s so cute I dream of a glittering starry sky. I hear the drumming of a herd of horses moving across the landscape. So romantic. Perhaps we should go to the zoo together, or no, to the funfair! I will wear my mint colored dress with those funny twinkling cherries that fits the color of my eyes perfectly.
In the distance I hear my name calling… Oh no it is Mrs. Wittevrongel!