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Jeune Premier launches ergonomic 'Easy Lock' closure







Schoolbags for the swipe generation

Even though there is no relevant scientific research to back it up as yet, therapists and kindergarten teachers are convinced that children’s fine motor skills development is declining. What? Blame it on the iPad, it is said to have an extremely harmful effect on these fine motor skills. It appears, for example, that little ones consider it quite a challenge to open a standard closure on a schoolbag. This insight was enough for Jeune Premier’s founder and creative director, Hélène Fransen, to act upon her gut feeling and creative spirit, which led to the development of a brand new Easy Lock closure.

"Ergonomics and beauty in one!"
Hélène Fransen

Swipe down with Jeune Premier
No more fiddling to open a schoolbag as Jeune Premier launches EASY LOCK. From now on all you need to do, is swipe down with this ergonomic closure to open your schoolbag. Result: proud, independent children and happy teachers. Closing the bag is just as easy because the magnetic system ensures that the flap just slots back into the lock.

The schoolbags with the new closure will come onto the market for the first time in June. Little ones (up to the age of 4) will find what they’re looking for in the Mini range and older children will no doubt opt for the Midi or Maxi schoolbags.  

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3,2,1... Back to school!