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I N S P I R A T I O N - The mansion


 Once upon a time ... long before the animals lost their voice .... there was an enchanting mansion where 10 friends with totally different personalities lived together.

Their motto: No rules only play!

 A previous resident had cursed the house and casted a spell on the mansion: from that day on there were no adults aloud in and around the house and all children’s thoughts turned immediately into reality.

With balls starting to bounce spontaneously there was a playmate around every corner, cute little lions guarding the property, flamingos living their colorful lives in the swimming pool, Vikings coming back to life and starting their conquest in the garden and when the kids were lost, there was a magical compass to bring our little explorers back home … where cherry love was always in the air. The space cowboys & unicorn girls just had to follow the rainbow ….  to follow their dreams.


Whether you are a primus at school, a sophisticated ballerina, a daydreamer, an adventurer, a discoverer, a humorist, a soccer player, ... DREAM BIG! THE FUTURE STARTS NOW …. And let your Jeune Premier bag guide you on your conquest of live that will lead you to eternal fame.